About Movilitas.Cloud

Movilitas.Cloud is a next-generation Software-as-a-Service cloud-based software developed by Engineering Industries eXcellence. Movilitas.Cloud helps industrial enterprises digitally serialize, track and trace their products worldwide and across their supply chain networks while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and industry-specific standards. With Movilitas.Cloud, you can onboard your suppliers, distributors and partners to create a seamlessly connected global supply chain network that drives product safety and authenticity for your end customers.

Movilitas.Cloud integrates and makes it easy to share information with mandated national authorities and/or enterprise technology applications such as TraceLink, SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) and SAP Information Collaboration Hub for Life Sciences (SAP ICH). With Movilitas.Cloud you create digital twins of your trade items and containers. The platform supports serialization, aggregation and rework for Marketing Authorization Holders (MAH), Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and re-packers, as well end-to-end logistics processes such as shipping, receiving, packing/unpacking and decommissioning for wholesalers and third-party suppliers.

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Key Challenges

  • Tracking products globally while ensuring compliance with all regulations
  • Integrating the production, serialization and aggregation process
  • Enhancing business systems like ERP and WMS with serialization
  • Onboarding supply chain partners to the process
  • Printing of serialized labels such as sGTIN and SSCC
  • Scanning of serialized goods such as packs, cases and pallets

Benefits Realized by Our Customers

Fast self-onboarding

Ready-to-use applications

No major investment or infrastructure management required

Easily connect your supply chain network, exchange relevant data and get real-time feedback with the Movilitas.Cloud Partner Model

Easily comply with region-specific serialization regulations such as the EU FMD (EU-Hub and NMVSs), Chestny ZNAK, BPOM and the U.S. DSCSA

Connect to other repositories and collaboration platforms such as TraceLink, SAP ATTP and SAP ICH to exchange data

Print serialized labels by leveraging integrations with Zebra Cloud Connect printers and/or NiceLabel Label Cloud

Use Movilitas Mobile app to scan inbound and outbound deliveries, manage verification, commissioning and decommissioning, and display electronic content (GS1 DataLink). Available in iOS & Android app stores

Configuring & Integrating Your Solution

Movilitas.Cloud is our GAMP 5 validated Software-as-a-Service solution that makes product traceability simple and efficient throughout the life science and other industry supply chains while ensuring compliance across an increasingly complex global marketplace. Movilitas.Cloud applications are configurable for the specific needs of different participants in the supply chain. The application can also be integrated with SAP, TraceLink and other technology systems to fit into existing landscapes.

Traceability Solution_Movilitas.Cloud

Our End-to-End Movilitas.Cloud Offering

Movilitas.Cloud offers the following applications and is supported by end-to-end reporting and analytics.

Serialized Manufacturing

The serialized manufacturing application manages batch traceability and serialized packaging operations including aggregations. It also manages your serial number and Serial Shipping Container Code repositories and keeps track of the complete lifecycle of your trade items and containers. The platform can be integrated with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) as well as with shop floor operations, which can be fully automated or manually supported with label printing.

Serialized Logistics

When products are ready to be released to the supply chain, the logistics process begins with the ultimate aim of getting the final products to the end consumers. As increasing numbers of products are being serialized and aggregated, processes are complicated existing ERP and/or WMS solutions are most often not capable of handling the volume of serialized goods. Movilitas.Cloud provides a mobile solution to support warehouses and facilitate the management and tracking of serialized goods across their logistical value chain.