Regulatory Compliance


Counterfeit goods are big business and they mean lost revenue and taxes. Some fakes, such as alcohol or pharmaceuticals, can have harmful effects. Governments continue to enact legislation for the protection of companies and safety of constituents as well as reduce economic and health implications. Industry stakeholders must comply with local legislation in countries where they do business. Some of these regulations can be complex and they are rarely standardized. Movilitas.Cloud helps digitalize compliance processes for streamlined reporting without disrupting company operations or the supply of goods.

  • Life Sciences & Healthcare: Countries around the world continue to put in place regulations to protect patients from adulterated or counterfeit medications.
  • Food & Beverage: Food safety requires protecting consumers not only from counterfeit ingredients and products but food spoilage and contamination. Countries around the globe are beginning to require traceability to make recalls and verifications easier for governments and consumers alike. Traceability also aids consumers in identifying and being aware of goods that might affect them due to allergies, religious beliefs or other conditions.
  • Fashion & Retail: Companies fight fake and pirated goods to protect their brands, products, reputations and sales. Governments want to ensure consumers aren’t paying for counterfeit items.
  • Tobacco: Regulations and standards are different all over the world. Traceability and compliance can be complex when shipping a variety of tobacco products to countries that handle them differently.

Track & Trace Regulation Overview

Key Challenges Solved with Movilitas.Cloud

  • Serializing product at the individual, batch and aggregate levels
  • Tracing from origin through production to the consumer
  • Sharing data and reporting compliance with regulatory agencies

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