Serialized Logistics

Integrate Your Serialization & Warehouse Operations

When products are ready to be released to the supply chain, the logistics process starts to get products to the end consumers. The process of products being serialized and aggregated further complicates existing business processes managed with existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, most of which are simply not capable of handling serialized good management. Movilitas.Cloud provides a mobile solution that was designed to support warehouses and enable enterprises to manage serialized good processes synchronized with their logistical and warehouse processes quickly and effectively. 

Movilitas.Cloud for Serialized Logistics


Inbound means all goods that are being received into a warehouse, based on orders from an ERP or paper-based systems. This can include government requirements like verifications on returned goods or goods from sources requiring verification. Movilitas.Cloud supports these processes, plus the generation and printing of Serialized Shipping Container Codes (SSCCs). Backend systems like data repositories (SAP ATTP, TraceLink), ERP and WMS can be updated automatically.


Outbound means all goods that are shipped from a warehouse. Here we see different requirements for reporting to governments and/or to downstream and upstream business partners. Movilitas.Cloud supports these outbound processes. The management of these processes in Movilitas.Cloud can also be integrated with other regulatory channels, other repositories and collaboration platforms like SAP ICH and TraceLink.


Typically, one of the most common processes in a warehouse is the rearrangement of logistical units. We call these processes  re-aggregation as a whole, and they consist of packing and unpacking operations. Movilitas.Cloud and its mobile application makes it easy to scan children, unpack them from their parent and pack them to another parent quickly and effectively to ensure compliant, efficient processes across the warehouse.


Logistical units in a warehouse are serialized by using Serial Shipping Container Codes, or SSCCs. Movilitas.Cloud enables the digitalized generation of these labels as well as their printing via the integration to trusted partner tools such as Zebra Cloud Connect or through NiceLabel Label Cloud. Labels that are damaged or unreadable can also be reprinted by scanning one item of the logistic unit. The label design can be adjusted by the customer.

Reporting to Government Systems

Much of the legislations around product traceability also requires all logistical operations, including receiving shipping and re-aggregation, to be reported. For those countries where this is required, Movilitas.Cloud supports integrated reporting as part of the operational process. This reduces the need for duplicate scanning for both your own operations as well as for compliance with legal requirements.

Client & Supplier Onboarding

When shipping goods to your customers or receiving goods from your suppliers, it would be an advantage if you could share your activities and/or aggregations with your business partners easily and quickly. Movilitas.Cloud allows for exchanging this information in the form of files, like GS1 Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS) or in the form of a digital twin, which gives access to the same object.

Mobile & Off-Line Solutions

In areas where you have no internet connection or are temporarily disconnected, it is still possible to scan for verification or decommissioning purposes in an offline mode leveraging Movilitas.Cloud. As soon as an internet connection is re-established,the offline scanned items can be reported to the Movilitas.Cloud repository. In case no internet is possible at all, it is still possible to verify products by using SMS communication.

Fast Product Scanning

Some solutions on the market promote their fast-scanning serialization capabilities. What this usually means is that they provide the option to press a button and scan item after item on a continuous basis. This, however, is a hardware setting on the scanner and nothing to do with fast-scanning. Of course, while Movilitas.Cloud also operates in this mode if required, our application provides the real capability to scan many codes in one scan. This needs to be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

Product Verification

Verification of serial numbers is required in many countries. Movilitas.Cloud supports verification of serial numbers and batches towards their own repository or customer repositories like SAP ATTP. In the U.S., there is no central government repository (yet) to verify against, but here Movilitas.Cloud is a full Verification Routing Service (VRS) provider allowing verification requests and responses to sealable returns.

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