Serialized Manufacturing

Integrate Your Serialization & Manufacturing Operations

Movilitas.Cloud enables the effective management of batch traceability and serialized packaging operations including aggregations. Movilitas.Cloud manages your serial number and Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC) repositories and keeps track of the complete lifecycle of your trade items and containers. The serialized manufacturing solution can be integrated with your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), as well as with your shop floor operations.  The integration of Movilitas.Cloud to the shop floor can be fully automated with a direct connection to existing serialization/aggregation lines; it can also be manual, for example to support the printing of serialized labels. The Movilitas.Cloud solution also integrates Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAH) in real time to exchange serial numbers and commissioning details. Finally, the app supports compliance with government requirements like the EU-FMD, Russian Chestny ZNAK, DSCSA in the U.S. and the Indonesian BPOM. 

Movilitas.Cloud for Serialized Manufacturing

Batch Traceability

A batch is normally produced from other batches. Movilitas.Cloud’s batch traceability capabilities will give you the ability to record the origin of your batches. This will enable fast and easy tracing back of issues when a trade item is reported. It will also allow you to easily identify other trade items that might be affected by the issue.


Serialization is the process of giving every trade item a unique IDMovilitas.Cloud provides a serial number pool to generate and manage unique identifiers for your trade items. Unique identifiers can also be collected from other sources (SAP ATTP, TraceLink). The serial number pool allows storage and management of crypto codes and keys. Movilitas.Cloud keeps a historical record of what happened with every serial number. 


Aggregation is the process of packaging trade items into containers like cases or packaging containers into containers like palletsThe purpose is to create serialized logistical units to make identification more practical across the supply chain. Movilitas.Cloud provides a SSCC pool to generate and manage unique identifiers for containers via GS1 standards. Aggregations can be at all levels, shared and updated.   

Labeling & Relabeling

Trade items can be serialized by printing labels directly on the package or by creating labels that will be placed on the package manually. Movilitas.Cloud allows for printing order creation to print serialized labels based on selected label designs. It supports trade items and SSCC labels. Rework can be managed by packing and unpacking and relabeling of containers. Printing is possible via the integration to a number of printing solutions like Zebra Cloud Connect or NiceLabel Label Cloud.

Shop Floor Integration

When trade items are serialized and/or aggregated by means of automated or semi-automated packaging lines, it is possible to integrate these lines directly with Movilitas.CloudMovilitas.Cloud provides APIs and webhooks to build a complete integrated and secure connection. ERP orders can be enriched with serial numbers and provided to the production lines; production results including aggregations can be sent back to commission trade items and containers. 

Reporting to Government Systems

In the life sciences industry, legislation is in place or will become active in the near future for increased regulation. These laws force companies putting products into the supply chain to report information about these products, in some countries even aggregationsMovilitas.Cloud provides regulatory channels to support compliance with country-specific regulations, such as those in Europe, Russia, the U.S. Indonesia and China. 

CMO & MAH Onboarding

CMOs produce for MAHs, and MAHs let their products be produced by CMOs. This creates a requirement to exchange serial numbers and their statuses including aggregations between these business partners. Movilitas.Cloud provides the ability for the partners themselves to interact in real-time. Data can be shared by providing access to digital twins that represent trade items and containers. Of course, sharing of data in the form of EPCIS messages is also supported. 

Repacker Extension

Parallel import is a process in Europe in which existing products are repacked and sold under a different product name. Given the fact that products are serialized, this has a significant impact on traceability, since while the lot and expiration date stay the same, the product will change and be provided by a different supplier. The entire process from verification and decommissioning of sourced packs, repackaging and commissioning of new packs is supported by Movilitas.Cloud. 

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