New Partnership with Bionorica Drives Compliance with Russian Serialization Law

December 4, 2019

Bionorica Selects Movilitas.Cloud Services and Solutions for Compliance with New Serialization Law.

December 4, 2019, Columbia, MD, USA – Engineering Industries eXcellence, formerly Movilitas, a technology leader delivering the next generation of solutions and consulting services across multiple industries to advance smart supply chain ecosystems, announced oday that Bionorica, one of the leading global manufacturers of herbal medicines, has selected their expert technical services in order to create a direct integration from Bionorica’s SAP® Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (SAP ATTP) solution to the Russian Drug Circulation Monitoring System (MDLP) System by using Movilitas.Cloud for monitoring and legal reporting of all transactions ahead of the January 1st deadline.

Bionorica selected Engineering Industries eXcellence because the company offers a fully compliant set of services and solutions to address compliance with the Russian serialization law. The digital transformation leader’s proven system integration services enabled the connection between Bionorica’s SAP ATTP directly to the Russian Order Management Station (OMS) System, thus enabling the exchange of crypto codes. Additionally, Movilitas.Cloud was the right application for intergration, because it did not require local installations, modifications to production lines or any configuration changes to Bionorica’s existing digital ecosystem. Movilitas.Cloud is a GAMP 5 validated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that streamlines compliance by enabling secure communication between repositories for message processing and retention. Movilitas.Cloud provides both foreign and domestic connections in accordance with industry best practices, thus ensuring peace of mind for Bionorica as the company addresses the looming Russian serialization law.

Movilitas.Cloud was designed specifically to meet these types of challenges by removing barriers to compliance within tight regulatory deadlines. We are pleased that Bionorica was able to take advantage of our turnkey design to ensure compliance ahead of the January 1st, 2020 deadline,” said Marc Blekkink, Managing Director of Movilitas.Cloud at Engineering Industries eXcellence.

About Bionorica

Headquartered in Neumarkt, Germany, Bionorica is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of scientifically researched herbal medicines. Doctors, pharmacists and patients in more than 40 countries trust in Bionorica’s products. In 2018, the Bionorica Group achieved sales of over 337.9 million euros. Based on the “Phytoneering” strategy, Bionorica decodes the extensive active ingredient potential of plants using cutting-edge research and engineering technology. The result is highly-effective medicines with few side effects. Bionorica’s research and development priorities involve the treatment of symptoms for the respiratory tract, urinary tract, women’s health and the immune system.

About Engineering Industries eXcellence, formerly Movilitas

Engineering Industries eXcellence, formerly Movilitas, is a technology leader delivering the next generation of solutions and consulting services across multiple industries to advance smart supply chain ecosystems. We are recognized as a trusted partner for digital supply chain transformation. We help businesses realize new growth opportunities, adapt to today’s on-demand economy and maintain compliance. Leveraging our supply chain expertise and leading solutions, such as Movilitas.Cloud, our clients unlock data to realize greater efficiencies and new revenue streams.

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