İlaç Takip Sistemi (İTS)


The Turkish Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock has implemented a tracking system for plant protection products to prevent the sale of fake and illegal crop protection products, ensuring plant producers’ safe access to these products. To realize end-to-end traceability of crop protection products, all stakeholders in the agrochemical supply chain – from the manufacturer and importer to the wholesaler and vendor – must complete different duties according to the Turkish Law No. 5996 and Regulation No. 27870, including an extensive and often manual reporting process. These regulations can represent a compliance headache for companies that are not prepared.

Key Challenges Solved with Movilitas.Cloud

  • Ensuring product authenticity and integrity
  • Maintaining visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Investigating and removing illegitimate products
  • Serializing products

Turkish Law No. 5996 and Regulation No. 27870 were implemented by the government with the aim of protecting and maintaining food and feed safety, plant health and more, as well as having the goal of protecting public heath, consumers and the environment. In both agriculture and pharmaceuticals, it is vital to have full traceability of products to prevent illnesses, misuse of products and counterfeits. By implementing a full serialization and traceability solution such as Movilitas.Cloud, stakeholders who belong to the Turkish agricultural and pharmaceutical industries can achieve and sustain a system for preventing counterfeiting of products and maintain a high level of public safety.

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