Life Sciences & Healthcare


As the life sciences and healthcare industries continue their digital transformation from online ordering to personalized medicine, the focus is now on delivering customized value efficiently and safely.

Technology is enabling companies at all stages of their operations to revolutionize research, improve productivity, track shipments and stay compliant. Connected digitization brings data into a single source of truth that increases product visibility for stakeholders throughout the global life sciences supply chain.

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Key Challenges Overview 

  • Serialization and Track and Trace Compliance: realize new opportunities for growth while complying with regulations
  • Supply Chain Visibility: greater transparency from raw material to production to consumer and patient
  • Industry and Pharma 4.0: Connect the shop floor and supply chains to the top floor by capturing data at the source in real-time
  • Asset management: get more out of hardworking assets with a single view of all information

Customizing Your Solution with Movilitas

Movilitas offers a full range of digital solutions and consulting services for the life sciences and healthcare to help companies realize new growth opportunities, adapt to today’s on-demand economy and maintain compliance. Our toolkit includes services, extensions and accelerators for SAP solutions to drive the digitization and serialization of the life sciences supply chain.

Recommended Solutions

Track and Trace

Bring transparency to your life sciences value chain. Track and trace and supply chain serialization provides real-time insights with harmonized information from raw material to end-of-life.

Digital Manufacturing

The future of factories is connected. Industry 4.0 offers real-time data for improving operations, finding new opportunities and changing business models.


The cloud solution that makes compliance simple. Movilitas.Cloud revolutionizes the way products are serialized and verified.

Asset Management

Maximize Return on Assets Consistently and Reliably. Move your asset and meter management from pure cost center to one that provides business value.

Warehouse Logistics

Integrated intelligence for the smart warehouse. Leading warehouses use technology to efficiently allocate people and resources while moving shipments through the supply chain.

Take the Next Step in Your Digital Supply Chain Transformation

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Take the Next Step in Your Digital Supply Chain Transformation

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