PHOENIX Group Leverages Movilitas.Cloud for FMD Compliance

The PHOENIX Group wants to offer the best serviced and ensure the safety of the medicines that reach patients. The company has worked diligently on the implementation of the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive FMD) across all business areas so that they are fully compliant with the legislation in all markets. But it was challenging for them to fulfill the FMD requirements for wholesale and third-party logistics activities as well as to track and trace products through serial numbers. A lean and efficient solution had to be found, one which allows capturing the current status of medicines according to FMD.

Movilitas.Cloud proved to be the right answer. It is not only connected to the European Medicines Verification System (EMVS) and to all 32 National Medicine Verification Systems (NMVSs) in Europe, but it also acts as a connection between the PHOENIX Group’s systems and the systems of its many partners. By providing real-time feedback on the status of a product pack, Movilitas.Cloud allows supply chain stakeholders to immediately trigger required actions and identify packs that caused issues.

This case study, which was originally posted in the GS1 Healthcare Reference Book, outlines the PHOENIX Group’s journey to becoming FMD compliant and gives insights into what requirements other supply chain stakeholders need to fulfill. Download it now and check page 83 to read the case study:


The case study was originally published on the GS1 website.