Verification Router Service (VRS)

Simplifies DSCSA Compliance for Wholesalers and Manufacturers

The next big milestone of the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) is approaching fast. Wholesale distributors must verify returned pharmaceuitcal products before they can be resold.

With around 60 million pharmaceutical saleable returns in the US market every year, solutions must be able to handle the high volume of saleable returns that need to be verified. Additionally, wholesale distributors need an easy-to-use and simple-to-configure scanning solution that provides real-time feedback on the product’s authenticity after each scan to minimize operational impacts.

However, many wholesale distributors currently rely on point-to-point solutions or even on manual processes to verify their saleable returns products, lacking real-time feedback and significantly impacting the efficiency of wholesale distributors’ warehouse and business processes.

With Movilitas.Cloud’s out-of-box VRS solution pharmaceutical wholesale distributors and manufacturers can easily meet the saleable returns verification requirement that the DSCSA specifies. The solution streamlines the bi-directional data flow between manufacturers and wholesale distributors and provides real-time feedback.

Movilitas.Cloud's VRS Solution at a Glance

  • Validated out-of-box verification and scanning solution for wholesale distributors that is easy-to-use and quick-to-activate
  • Complete VRS solution based on MediLedger platform which can also be leveraged by pharmaceutical manufacturers to meet the requirements easily
  • Full control over users and devices, access reports and dashboards in one place
  • Monthly contract: No major investment or infrastructure management required
  • Solution can easily connect and communicate with all other VRS solutions
  • Solution integrates with other EPICS repositories such as SAP ATTP and with cloud-based solutions such as SAP ICH
  • Solution provides dedicated DSCSA repository to store all executed scans and results
  • Benefit from blockchain technology, guaranteeing the integrity of the lookup directory data
  • Compliant with GS1 standards
  • Member of HDA VRS workgroup

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