Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)


The U.S. life sciences market has specific regulatory challenges outlined by the FDA to protect public health. The U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) defines a system with a timeline for reaching full item traceability by the end of 2023. Each stage requires different levels of compliance by stakeholders.

Key Challenges Solved with Movilitas.Cloud

  • Ensuring product authenticity and integrity
  • Maintaining visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain
  • Investigating and removing illegitimate products
  • Serializing products

The DSCSA Enhanced Drug Distribution Security compliance deadline (November 27, 2023) requires that transaction information must include the unique product identifier at the package level for all the packages included in the transaction. In addition, trading partners need to have systems and processes in place to promptly respond with the transaction information and transaction statement for a product, upon a request by an Authorized Trading Partner or the FDA. This request supports the verification or investigation of suspects or illegitimate products. Contact us today to learn about how Movilitas.Cloud can help you meet the requirements for pharmaceutical compliance and safety in the U.S.

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